Saturday, May 28, 2011

What's the point of this?

Alright. So this blog has to start somewhere, and the best place I can think of to get myself updating and this rolling is a quick overview of what this place exists for. If not for anyone but myself, which is fine. Half the reason for this whole thing is to collect my own thoughts in one place that isn't my already overloaded mind.

Me being me, this will likely center around comics, movies, tv shows, other forms of entertainment, and a random rant or two. I shall endeavor to keep politics and religion out of this, as the vitriol surrounding those topics is already well-covered across the internet. Don't need to add to it.

Beyond those topics, I'll be trying to do weekly or semi-weekly updates more focused on comics and art. I have an idea of trying to highlight various artists in comics, focusing on more modern people but likely hitting all over the board, and talking about their art as a whole. This is something I've wanted to do for a while, and after spending my college years focused on art and artists, I'd like to apply the same critical thinking to people that, in my opinion, don't get the respect they deserve amongst the art community. Though that is changing slowly, which is wonderful.

On a similar topic, I'll likely try to hit on comics I'm buying that really strike me as good and do semi-reviews. More just general talking about them, why others should be looking at them, and then to get yelled at for why I'm wrong. On this, it should be said ahead of time I'm a Marvel fan primarily, and thus my limited funds go that direction the most. But I do try to cast as wide a net as I can, comics wise, so it won't be all Marvel at all.

The last thing here that might have structure will be updates on the projects I'm putting together with my wife and, in some cases, other humans that I rarely interact with without a computer's assistance. In that sense, I'll end this long, pointless rundown of nothing with exactly that: What we're doing.

-The primary work on our drawing table and my computer screen right now is a fantasy comic we'll be putting up on the web when the time comes. As of now, we're about done with pencils and inks, 15 of the 20 pages are more or less in the can, so another month and the whole first issue should be together. I've written well ahead, and am still in the process of working out exactly how the webcomic itself will come together.

-At the same time, a long-in-development project with an old high school friend is about to (finally) kick off. We've got a 5-page intro comic to hit, and it's near done, along with the first issue already scripted and in my hands. As we're finishing up the fantasy comic's first issue, I'm going to be nailing down layouts for issue one. Sadly, this is another where the distribution method isn't exactly worked out yet, beyond being able to say it will definitely be a webcomic.

-Beyond those two, I've got about six other projects in various stages of scripting and planning in the works. An episodic, short-story based Scifi comic, a near-future Orwellian-style comic, and our own personal take on a superhero book are the three that definitely are becoming something. There are other ideas, but they aren't much more yet and this is clearly a lot on our plate.

But hey, have to start somewhere. Why not everywhere at once?